Amtico Sealer Application Kit

£98.99 Inc vat

An economy amtico sealer applicator kit for the consistent even application of Amtico Floor Dressing. This system has been approved by Amtico as the most cost effective system for applying their dressing to larger areas. The system contains a 28L bucket with manual wringer plate for a flat mop, which enables control of the amount of dressing applied to the floor. The Kit also contains a mop frame, handle & microfibre applicator mop.

For a professional, streak free finish follow these instructions :

  1. Ensure floor is clean , dust free & dry. If already sealed – floor will need stripping
  2. Load seal into bucket & allow applicator to absorb seal.
  3. Use wringer plate to ensure applicator evenly charged.
  4. Apply a thin, even coat of dressing  – in a N to S direction
  5. Allow to dry – time required depends on ambient temperature
  6. Apply 2nd coat of dressing in an E to W direction to ensure complete coverage and protection for  your floor.
  7. Prohibit foot or wheeled traffic  until DRY
Amtico Sealer
Amtico Sealer Application Kit

£98.99 Inc vat

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