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  • Amtico International Trio Refurbishment

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    Amtico International Trio:

    This refurbishment trio package will enable you to carry out a full strip/deep clean, re-application of dressing of Amtico and maintain/clean the Amtico afterwards. Pack contains the following items:

    1 x Amtico Maintainer

    1 x Amtico Stripper

    1 x Amtico Dressing

    Available in 1 Litre & 5 Litre units

    From: £29.99

  • Amtico Dressing Applicator

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    Amtico Dressing Applicator

    An economy dressing applicator for the consistent even application of Amtico Floor Dressing. This applicator has been approved by Amtico as the most cost saving system for applying their dressings over small areas.


    Apply thin, even coats of dressing and obtain a truly professional finish!


    The Applicator contains the following items:

    Mop frame, handle and velcro backed looped cotton mop included in package

    Additional mops can be purchased separately

    £34.19 Inc vat

  • Dr Schutz Cleaner & Stripper 5L

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    An all purpose cleaning and stripping agent for the deep cleaning and preparation of your floor before application of a dressing or seal, a great product for removing scuff marks.

    It also acts as a mild cleaning agent for cleaning and stripping for newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, linoleum, rubber and resin floors. Whilst doing so it removes the remains of old care products, stubborn stains and adhesive residues.

    Recommended accessories to apply with: Padmaster or Monodisc.

    £24.49 Inc vat

  • Dr Schutz PU Sealer

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    Dr Schutz Pu Sealer is an extremely hard wearing, two part polyurethane-based super sealers for all resilient and resin floors. With a hard wearing sealer film, it forms a finish with excellent elasticity and good resistance against colourless chemicals.

    Available in 5 Liters

    For purchase enquiries please call 01564 742095

  • Elatex Stain Remover (Twin Pack)

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    Elatex Stain Remover

    Elatex Stain Remover is a great all-purpose stain remover for resilient floors (vinyl, linoleum, and rubber), laminates, sealed wood and cork floors, as well as carpets and upholstery.

    £26.39 Inc vat

  • Eukula UA Roller Sleeve

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    25cm Short pile roller sleeves for the application of oil-based finishes, perfectly balanced for the application of Eukula oil, hard wax oil finishes.]

    Ideal for applying all types of Eukula Oil on Wooden Floors
    Faster Oiling and quicker cleanup
    Greater oil holding capacity
    Woven fabric for a flawless finish
    Covers evenly with minimal splatter

    £11.99 Inc vat

  • Grout Cleaning Brush

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    A specially contoured grout brush for scrubbing and cleaning bevel lines. When paired with Cleanse The stiff bristles will remove ground in dirt and leave bevels fresh and clean.

    The brush is 9″ in length and comes complete with aluminium handle.

    £20.99 Inc vat


    Host Pre-Clean

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    Pre-spray for use with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner. Use on traffic areas, tough spots and greasy, oily dirt. Comes in a handy 7.5 oz. spray bottle.

    From: £12.78

  • Oxy-Klenza

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    Oxy-Klenza is a powerful oxygen based and chlorine free, safe , multi purpose stone floor cleaner for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for use on patios, kitchen and bathroom floors, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, stone cladding, walls, decking. Suitable for commercial or residential use .

    Also available in twin packs.


    From: £22.99

  • Platinum Microfiber Glass Cloth

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    Smear Free Glass! A specially designed cloth for glass and mirror surface cleaning and dust control.  (WMF9/FS)

    £2.15 Inc vat

  • Platinum Microfiber Mitt

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    Get that showroom finish with the Platinum MicroFiber Mitt. The microfiber loops lift dirt and grime easily to prevent you from scratching any surface it comes in to contact with.

    All the benefits of microfibre in an easy to use handy mitt.

    £2.15 Inc vat

  • Platinum Microfibre Cloth

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    80% polyester, 20% polyamide, 260GSM 0.15 denier makes up our high performing microfibre cloths for dry, damp or wet surface cleaning and dust control. Colours my vary. (WMF8/FS)

    £1.67 Inc vat