Specialist Cleaning products for all types of surfaces, stone, wood, vinyl, rubber and more from industry leading brands Dr Schutz, Guard Industry, Dry Treat and more. If there is a specialist product you are still looking for or require a bulk order discount then please get in touch.

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  • Intensifia Dry Treat

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    INTENSIFIA™ is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including floors, walls, cladding, facades, countertops, patios, driveways, paths, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas. This colour enhancer works on a wide variety of porous surfaces, including all types of natural stone, clay and terracotta tiles and pavers, brick, concrete, polished concrete, terrazzo, encaustic tile, terracotta and Saltillo.

    INTENSIFIA™ provides excellent stain protection that is effective against the toughest of oils and is also water repellent. This fantastic colour enhancer and stain protector are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and for residential and commercial buildings.

    A 5-Year PERFORMANCE WARRANTY is offered when INTENSIFIA™ is applied by an Accredited Applicator and surface is maintained reasonably, as outlined in our warranty document.

    Product available in 1 Litres or 3.79 Litres.

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    £50.99 Ex vat

  • Chewing Gum Freeze Spray Twin Pack

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    To freeze chewing gum and tar deposits and other sticky substances from Carpets, upholstery, marble, concrete, wood, linoleum, ceramic and terrazzo

    It is designed to freeze surface or product on contact and is completely safe for the environment and end users.


    £22.20 Inc vat

    £18.50 Ex vat

  • Dr Schutz Anti Colour

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    Dr Schutz Anti Colour protects your floor against discolouring. This great product makes your floor totally resistant to migration of pacticiziers, protecting effectively against scratching and friction wear. It will save cleaning and maintenance costs and reduce repeated dirt accumulation.

    One of its key features is its special two-part polymer sealer with increased resistance to chemical dying such as hair colorants, wound disinfectants and also plasticizer migrations from rubber. The anti colour creates an extremely hard wearing sealer film with a satin or matt finish.


    £176.50 Ex vat

  • Dr Schutz Anti-Slip

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    Dr Schutz Anti-Slip Additive is a ceramic-based textured structure for Dr Schutz 2K-Lacquers. Due to containing a special additive for PU Sealer/Waxnomor, it increases the floor‘s anti-slip grade to R 10 and 36 + PTV. To be added to the sealer on the site just before application.
    Overall with this product the slip resistance of the floor is sustainably increased.


    £191.50 Ex vat

  • Dr Schutz PU Sealer

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    Dr Schutz Pu Sealer is an extremely hard wearing, two part polyurethane-based super sealers for all resilient and resin floors. With a hard wearing sealer film, it forms a finish with excellent elasticity and good resistance against colourless chemicals.

    Available in 5 Liters

    £211.80 Inc vat

    £176.50 Ex vat

  • Dr Schutz Super PU

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    Dr Schutz Super PU is a special water-based 2 part polyurethane sealer for the long-term protection of floors. It will reduce dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance.

    Due to its hard wearing sealer film it has excellent elasticity and good resistance against colorless chemicals. One-coat-system.


    £176.50 Ex vat

  • Guard Remover ECO

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    Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement is a safe powerful remover without dangerous acids that does not require neutralisation after use.

    Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement is a stripper that uniquely removes cement, concrete and tartar deposits. It is formulated with an especially viscous natural molecule which, once synthesised, becomes an excellent remover product that acts by destructering cement and tartar deposits on any substrates.Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement is significantly less hazardous than other acid-based products available in the market such as citric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids.
    Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement has been designed in response to the different demands of users in terms of safety, effectiveness, impact on the environment and protection of the treated substrates. Indeed, unlike traditional acid products, it is not classified as corrosive and irritant.


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    £22.50 Ex vat


    Guard Wash

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    Guard Wash is a high-performance cleaner that is instant, high active removing agent ideal for moss and fungi.

    • Guard Wash completely removes soiling invading building materials: greasy stains, contamination related moisture, pollution and leaf traces.
    • It can be left on the surface without rinsing as Guard Wash is fast-acting and efficient, however rinsing is possible 24 hours after application to remove residues that are left on the surface.
    • Guard Wash replaces corrosive or acidic cleaning products, which are hazardous for users and damage materials.

    £47.99 Inc vat

    £39.99 Ex vat

  • HG Oil & Grease Absorber

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    HG Oil and Grease Absorber draws out unsightly oil or grease stains from floors, tabletops and walls. HG Oil and Grease Absorber is so effective that it removes even the most stubborn stains. HG Oil and Grease Absorber is self-acting meaning that there is no need for brushing or scrubbing.

    £14.39 Inc vat

    £11.99 Ex vat


    Protect Guard

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    ProtectGuard has established itself as the benchmark product for preventing degradation of porous materials (concrete, cement, natural or synthetic stone…).

    Water-repellent properties enables it to prevent water penetration, and thus eradicate the negative effects caused by humidity

    ProtectGuard oil-repellent and anti-stain properties blocks the penetration of all greasy stains (oil, cooking fats…), atmospheric and industrial pollution and even chewing gums, which can be easily removed.
    ProtectGuard is a solvent and silicone-free product in aqueous phase. It is therefore an optimally environmentally friendly product.

    ProtectGuard is totally invisible after drying and it does not alter the appearance or colour of materials surface. Treating materials with ProtectGuard makes them easier to clean and by delaying the aging process enables surfaces to look new for longer.


    Anti-Graffiti Protection
    ProtectGuard treatment prevents the penetration of ink and paint pigments into porous materials, thus making it easier and faster to remove graffiti.

    From: £47.99

    £39.99 Ex vat

  • Protect Guard HD

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    ProtectGuard HD’s exceptional penetration and resistance properties make it the ideal treatment for all porous materials (concrete, natural or synthetic stone, cement) subject to heavy traffic.

    ProtectGuard HD has all the water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-soiling properties needed to protect porous building substrates in a single application, and to act against the main causes of degradation, such as atmospheric and industrial pollution, greasy soiling, water seepage, acid rain and chewing gum.

    ProtectGuard HD’s properties enable it to delay a material’s aging process.
    Protects against oil and greasy soiling.

    Greasy stains (oil, cooking fats) will no longer penetrate the material’s pores, and will remain at the surface. A substrate treated with ProtectGuard HD water-repellent will look as new for much longer, and will be easier to maintain. ProtectGuard HD can also be applied to unpolished or no crystallized walls or facades built with low porous materials (marble, granite, sandstone…) and acquire protection against graffiti.

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    £131.99 Ex vat

  • StoneTech KlenzAll – Stone Cleaner

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    • Features & Benefits
      Powers through stubborn grease and soils
      Safe on stone, will not etch
      Prepares surface for resealing
      Water-based alkaline formula
      Ready-to-use or concentrate formulas

    £29.99 Inc vat

    £24.99 Ex vat

  • Swift Seal Ultra – Dirt Repellent

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    SWIFT SEAL ULTRA is a breathable, impregnating seal for natural stone, brick, concrete and wood. It repels dirt, making maintenance and cleaning much easier and impeding the formation of moulds and algae.


    • Repels Water
    • Protection from food and liquids
    • Repels oils & Dirt
    • Invisible finish
    • Easy Application

    Available in 5 Litres.

    £180.00 Inc vat

    £150.00 Ex vat


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    EXTRA TFR: Traffic film remover

    A non-caustic traffic film remover designed to remove the heavy soiling of traffic film oil, grime and grease.


    20 Litre Container

    £39.59 Inc vat

    £32.99 Ex vat