Our wide range of high quality vacuum ranging from host freestyle, craftex victor and sebo vacuums.

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  • Host Freestyle

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    HOST Freestyle – the highly versatile Freestyle system from HOST with removable vacuum pod and detachable base unit is ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs, under desks, tables and work stations.

    – The Freestyle significantly outperforms all conventional vacuums – 66 litres /sec airflow
    – The bagless system means no reduction in air flow and vacuum efficiency – removes HOST
    sponges with ease
    – Counter-rotating brushes lift pile to revive flattened traffic lanes and dislodge soil from carpet
    fibres for deep cleaning
    – High productivity in commercial and domestic carpet cleaning
    – Adjustable for vacuuming and cleaning under desks, tables and work stations. The Freestyle
    breaks down into manageable handled parts and fits into a standard car boot

    £4,193.99 Inc vat

    £3,494.99 Ex vat

  • Host Liberator

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    The HOST Liberator ExtractorVac provides deep carpet cleaning in large areas with greater dry soil removal than conventional vacuums and superior removal of HOST dry carpet cleaner.

    The Liberator lawn mower-style, vacuum cleans up to 6,000 square feet per hour and onboard tools reduce trips to the cleaners cupboard.

    £4,799.99 Inc vat

    £3,999.99 Ex vat

  • Numatic NVH 370 Tritex Filtration System

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    The NVH has a full two-stage TwinFlo’ motor providing superb long life performance; Tritex filtration.

    £135.59 Inc vat

    £112.99 Ex vat

  • Sebo Dart

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    The SEBO DART 1 has been designed to be light and easy to use making it highly manoeuvrable. It cleans flat to the floor with and comes with a SEBO ET-1 175w power head for maximum cleaning power. It can also be converted to a floor polisher or suction vacuum cleaner with optional floor heads.

    Built for professionals. Fast, light and powerful.

    From: £258.00

    £215.00 Ex vat

  • Sebo Vacuum BS36 Comfort

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    The SEBO BS 36 COMFORT twin motor upright vacuum cleaner has been developed to give excellent performance, outstanding reliability and easy maintenance. Its low weight and wide cleaning head making it easy to clean large areas quickly and without fatigue.


    SEBO BS range benefits:

    • Effective and trouble free operation
    • All round cleaning ability
    • Economic servicing
    • Durable
    • High cleaning productivity


    £318.00 Inc vat

    £265.00 Ex vat

  • Victor V9 Industrial Tub Vacuum

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    The Victor V9 HEPA 9 litre tub vacuum, in tests, achieves an efficiency of 99.9965% – passing only 35 particles per million which are 8 times better than the standard allows.

    Powerful suction and proven effective filtration make the Victor V-9 one of the most productive tub vacuum cleaners available.

    £167.99 Inc vat

    £139.99 Ex vat