A selection of cleaning products suitable for all hard floor surfaces:

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  • Amtico Floorcare Stripper

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    Amtico Floorcare Stripper:

    To keep your floors in great condition, this dressing remover should be used now and again to strip off layers of dressing.

    One bottle will strip approximately 50 square metres; dilute according to instructions, apply, rinse and dry before applying a coat of Amtico’s Dressing.

    From: £22.20

  • 600ml Clear Spray Bottle

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    Clear spray mister bottle for multi purpose use.

    High quality durable HD polyethylene bottle that has graduated measure on side making it easy for chemical dilution. With a ‘Pistol Grip’ and three finger trigger this spray bottle is a great accessory and is easy to use.

    600ml Capacity.

    £3.54 Inc vat

  • Citra Clean 5L Hard Floor Cleaner

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    Citra Clean Hard Floor Cleaner achieves exceptional results with this easy to use & highly effective ph Neutral hard surface cleaner with a zesty lemon fragrance. Ideal for cleaning all hard floors, walls, surface, and equipment Suitable for: Bolon, all vinyl, linoleum, rubber, lacquered wood, natural stone, terrazzo, ceramic & porcelain tiles.


    • Residue free finish
    • Lemon Fragrance
    • PH Neutral ( No unnecessary damage)
    • Suitable for walls, Hard Floors, And many other surfaces

    From: £15.48

  • Citra Clean 750ml Spray

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    READY TO USE 750ml Spray

    Not Suitable for : waxed surfaces

    Also available in 5 litre twin packs, trios and packs of four within our online store.

    £7.38 Inc vat

  • Easy Clean

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    Easy Clean is an advanced, highly effective & safe multi surface cleaner. A viscous liquid for efficient dosing with a controlled foam level. Ideal for deep cleaning floors, walls and equipment with amazing results. Suitable for all vinyls, anti-slip, Bolon, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, marble , granite, rubber & sealed wood.

    £15.24 Inc vat

  • Elatex Stain Remover (Twin Pack)

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    Elatex Stain Remover

    Elatex Stain Remover is a great all-purpose stain remover for resilient floors (vinyl, linoleum, and rubber), laminates, sealed wood and cork floors, as well as carpets and upholstery.

    £26.39 Inc vat

  • Emergency Clean Up Sanitaire By Stainshield

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    The instant and approved system for the control and deodorising of accidents involving sickness, incontinence and spillages (including blood).

    With the facility to absorb in excess of 400 times its own volume, this emergency powder treatment contains the bactericide Irgasan DP300, is biodegradable, non-toxic and inactivates the H.I.V. virus.

    From: £8.39

  • Neugel Neutral Daily Cleaner Detergent TWIN PACK

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    NEUGEL is a highly concentrated gel, pH neutral floor cleaner derived from natural substances for regular maintenance of every floor surface. The product guarantees rapid and effective cleaning on floor area while leaving a pleasant fragrance. Regular use will increase the floor resistance to daily foot traffic while nourishing the natural aspect of the floor surface.

    2×1 Litre

    £28.98 Inc vat


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    Orange MPC is a highly effective blend of environmentally friendly surfactants and citrus solvent which will safely remove oil, grease,  grime , stubborn marks and heavy soiling from most  hard surfaces including floors and walls

    £15.90 Inc vat