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  • Fibre Clean

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    Fibre Clean is a unique and highly effective carpet cleaner and pre-spray using micro-splitting technology which breaks all soil binders without the use of enzymes, detergents and solvents. Fibre Clean can be used with all cleaning systems such as hot water extraction, combination cleaning, bonnet cleaning, dry powder cleaning, upholstery cleaning, spot and stain removal.

    Concentrated 10L container or Spot Clean is available as a ready to use 900ml trigger spray and 10L.

    £36.59 Inc vat


    Host Dry Carpet Cleaner

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    HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is a unique technology that deep cleans by dissolving, trapping and absorbing dirt. HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is a soft, natural product, moistened with a controlled amount of water and safe cleaning ingredients. Each formula is safe, nontoxic and biodegradable.



    Host Prep

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    Traffic lane booster for extremely soiled carpets. Formulated to be used with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner.
    One gallon of concentrate makes five gallons of ready to use solution traffic lane booster for extremely soiled carpet

    From: £46.79

  • Odour Exploder

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    Rid carpets and surfaces of bad smells permanently. Devolatilizes and absorbs odour molecules instead of just masking them. Ideal for nursing homes, bathrooms, pet areas, rubbish disposals – anywhere there is an odour problem. Economical 8 oz. bottle of concentrate makes more than 1 gallon of solution.

    From: £7.68

  • QUICK FOAM – Non Drip Foam Cleaner

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    Quick Foam is an efficient hard surface cleaner designed for use on a vertical surface where normal cleaners are liable to run and drip.

    Ideal for head linings, overhead lockers, coaches, upholstery cleaning and cleaning trainers etc.

    400ml available in multipacks for further savings.

    From: £7.19