Carpets and cleaning them! Spot Removal, Fibre Cleaning Every accessory you could need to complete your cleaning tasks! We have some of the best products on the market today

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  • 600ml Clear Spray Bottle

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    Clear spray mister bottle for multi purpose use.

    High quality durable HD polyethylene bottle that has graduated measure on side making it easy for chemical dilution. With a ‘Pistol Grip’ and three finger trigger this spray bottle is a great accessory and is easy to use.

    600ml Capacity.

    £3.54 Inc vat

  • Chewing Gum Remover Freeze Spray Twin Pack

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    Chewing Gum Remover Freeze Spray Twin Pack

    To freeze chewing gum and tar deposits and other sticky substances from Carpets, upholstery, marble, concrete, wood, linoleum, ceramic and terrazzo

    It is designed to freeze surface or product on contact and is completely safe for the environment and end users.


    £11.99 Inc vat

  • Elatex Stain Remover (Twin Pack)

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    Elatex Stain Remover

    Elatex Stain Remover is a great all-purpose stain remover for resilient floors (vinyl, linoleum, and rubber), laminates, sealed wood and cork floors, as well as carpets and upholstery.

    £26.39 Inc vat

  • Fibre Clean

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    Fibre Clean is a unique and highly effective carpet cleaner and pre-spray using micro-splitting technology which breaks all soil binders without the use of enzymes, detergents and solvents. Fibre Clean can be used with all cleaning systems such as hot water extraction, combination cleaning, bonnet cleaning, dry powder cleaning, upholstery cleaning, spot and stain removal.

    Concentrated 10L container or Spot Clean is available as a ready to use 900ml trigger spray and 10L.

    £36.59 Inc vat


    Host Dry Carpet Cleaner

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    HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is a unique technology that deep cleans by dissolving, trapping and absorbing dirt. HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is a soft, natural product, moistened with a controlled amount of water and safe cleaning ingredients. Each formula is safe, nontoxic and biodegradable.



    Host Pre-Clean

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    Pre-spray for use with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner. Use on traffic areas, tough spots and greasy, oily dirt. Comes in a handy 7.5 oz. spray bottle.

    From: £12.78


    Host Prep

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    Traffic lane booster for extremely soiled carpets. Formulated to be used with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner.
    One gallon of concentrate makes five gallons of ready to use solution traffic lane booster for extremely soiled carpet

    From: £46.79


    Host Spot Remover for carpet

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    All-around spotter that can remove most any spot or spill. Removes grease, oil and water-based spots. Excellent for gum, tar and hardened food spots. Woolsafe Approved

    From: £8.28


    Host Spotting Kit

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    HOST Spotting Kit – everything needed for cleaning spots and spills quickly.
    The kits contains two ZAPPER Packs of HOST Extra, one bottle of HOST Spot Remover, one spray bottleof Pre-Clean, a white towel and a HOST hand brush, complete with full instructions for carpet care and maintenance.

    £37.80 Inc vat

  • Kwazar Professional Orion Super Sprayer 6L Pro+

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    The Kwazar Professional Orion Super Sprayer 6L Pro+ is a really useful, compact sprayer with pump-up action, spray lance and selection of nozzle tips.

    A feature of all Kwazar Orion sprayers is the “click and remove” pump assembly which allows for easy maintenance and/or replacement of the main pump O ring.

    With a 6 litre working capacity.

    £64.79 Inc vat

  • Odour Exploder

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    Rid carpets and surfaces of bad smells permanently. Devolatilizes and absorbs odour molecules instead of just masking them. Ideal for nursing homes, bathrooms, pet areas, rubbish disposals – anywhere there is an odour problem. Economical 8 oz. bottle of concentrate makes more than 1 gallon of solution.

    From: £7.68

  • Platinum Microfiber Mitt

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    Get that showroom finish with the Platinum MicroFiber Mitt. The microfiber loops lift dirt and grime easily to prevent you from scratching any surface it comes in to contact with.

    All the benefits of microfibre in an easy to use handy mitt.

    £2.15 Inc vat

  • Platinum Performance Bonnet

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    Double sided 43cm / 17″ Superior Quality microfibre bonnet pad. This pad will not disappoint the user as the performance and quality is unrivalled in the current marketplace. Machine washable for extended professional use (up to 500 washes).

    £43.19 Inc vat

  • QUICK FOAM – Non Drip Foam Cleaner

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    Quick Foam is an efficient hard surface cleaner designed for use on a vertical surface where normal cleaners are liable to run and drip.

    Ideal for head linings, overhead lockers, coaches, upholstery cleaning and cleaning trainers etc.

    400ml available in multipacks for further savings.

    From: £7.19

  • Spotting Towel

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    Great quality terry towelling and highly absorbent spotting towels for use with spot removers when taking marks and stains out of carpets.

    £1.50 Inc vat

  • Stain Shield Stain Remover & Tannin Remover Twin Pack

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    Stain Shield Stain Remover & Tannin Remover will successfully remove oil and grease as well as water based spillages such as tea, coffee, wine, polish, tar, cooking fats, etc.

    Being multi purpose the product is especially recommended for use on those unidentified stains as well as head and hand grease on upholstered arms and head rests.

    In addition StainShield Stain Remover is an extremely effective product for the cleaning of heavily soiled finished leather upholstery where traditional mild cleaners are ineffective. Pre- testing is a prerequisite with leather cleaning and the product is not recommended for unfinished leathers, e.g. aniline, nubuck, suede, etc. Special care should also be taken where water marking is a factor such as on jute and other plant based fibres.

    £16.68 Inc vat

  • Stain Shield Tannin Remover 1 Litre Box Of 12

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    Stain Shield Tannin Remover will successfully remove oil and grease as well as water based spillages such as tea, coffee, wine, polish, tar, cooking fats, etc.

    £115.19 Inc vat