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EcoLab Maxx Forte2

Floor stripper for professional use as part of manual or semi-automatic processes.

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EcoLab Maxx Into2

EcoLab Maxx Into2 is an intensive Sanitary cleaner designed for use on all acid resistant surfaces.

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Faber Safe Marble

£29.04 Inc vat

Faber Safe Marble is a water based product formulated to increase the anti-slip features of polished marble. This product acts directly on the structure of the material, reducing the slipperiness of the surface, and creating a stainproof ‘barrier’. This one of a kind product provides provides an excellent grip between the naked foot and the surface, even under wed conditions, offering a high water and oil repellence. Regarding correct application of this product, the colour nor shade of the surface will be affected, but a slight decrease in the shine may be remarked.

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Faber YS One

£24.24 Inc vat

Faber YS One is a water based slip retardant, formulated specifically to reduce the slipperiness of floor surfaces. This product acts directly on the material structure, creating a micro-erosion which allows excellent drainage of water under foot contact. Respecting correct application, this product will not change the colour or shade of the surface. Suitable for use on surfaces indoors and outdoors.

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Faber Cristalfab White Pad

£68.88 Inc vat

Faber Cristalfab White Pad is a new concept crystallizer for marble and limestone to be applied with a white pad. This product has been formulated to give a high sheen and brightness to any type of marble, even the most difficult ones. It can be used to replace the traditional crystallizers, thus allowing an easy and fast result. This product allows an excellent resistance to foot traffic and a good protection against dirt, making it practical for every day maintenance. Constant use does not cause yellowing, burns or an orange-peel look to the surface. The product does not contain any wax, but acts both chemically and mechanically right on the material. It is also excellent for the maintenance of surfaces honed with powders or mechanically. It is also suitable for use after honing on marbles that cannot be polished with powders.

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Faber Cristalfab Plus

£68.88 Inc vat

Faber Cristalfab Plus is a ready to use water based product for the crystallization of carbonate materials, such as Marble and Limestone. This quick and easy to use product is suitable for the periodic maintenance of surfaces undergoing high traffic, therefore loosing part of their initial sheen easily. This product is also great for the final polishing of surfaces after the traditional honing process. This product is a low acidity crystallizer that does not produce slipperiness or an orange peel look, as other products may, nor does it turn marbles yellow or grey. Compared to the original Cristal Fab, this PLUS version produces higher brightness, especially concerning gloss degrees.

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Faber Hidro 150

£29.64 Inc vat

Faber Hidro 150 is a water based impregnating sealant for the protection of natural stone surfaces with medium-high absorbency. The ecological formulation of this product guarantees a durable surface protection from water, dirt and oil/grease based substances, without altering the natural aspect of the stone material. Compatible on damp/humid surfaces, therefore saving time during the application process.

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Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

£131.04 Inc vat

Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream is a water based cream that has been designed to allow the effective restoration superficial imperfections, such as deterioration, corrosion, abrasions and scratches on surfaces including ceramic, porcelain, stoneware and quartz agglomerates. The formulation of this product enables restoration and re-polishing in just one operation, with a good degree of brightness.

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