Which cleaner should I use on an Amtico floor?

Amtico flooring is world renowned as a quality floor covering and is a sizeable investment for any household or business. With that being the case, it should be looked after correctly to ensure longevity from the product. We are regularly asked by customers what product they should use to clean their Amtico flooring, we always […]

How to remove scratches from a marble floor

The perception of natural stone flooring is that it is a hard wearing surface, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The Mohs scale of hardness dictates how tough the density of a stone material is and this, in turn, determines how hard wearing it is. Generally, a limestone floor is softer than a […]

Should I seal my Amtico Floor?

Amtico flooring is hard wearing and comes with a factory UV cured PU finish, however it is recognised that it will benefit from being topically sealed to prevent excess wear and scratching to the tile surface. Amtico dressing is the recognised product to regularly apply to the surface, it will maintain the correct sheen level […]

Stone Sealers

Calling all tilers, floor layers, natural stone finishers…..We are now registered bullet proof sealant distributors. At floorcare-supplies.co.uk we take a lot of care selecting products that are suitable, reliable and perform well within commercial environments. The Bullet proof range matched the criteria well. Suitable for interior and exterior natural stone it will provide excellent stain […]

How to look after wood floors

Wood flooring has evolved over the years from basic softwood floorboards to beautiful decorative designs that are visually stunning. Being a natural, sustainable source, wood has many benefits for the domestic and commercial floor. They come in varying installations from a hallway to a village hall to a sports arena; no matter what size or […]

Maintaining your wood floor with Eukula this Autumn

Maintaining your wood floor is key to keeping it looking refreshed and looking clean. With winter fast approaching it is an ideal time this autumn to apply oils, varnishes, stains and cleaners to keep your wooden floors looking their very best. The Eukula Range is solvent free consisting of Lacquers, Primers, Fillers, Oils & Aftercare […]

How to remove carpet stains

Spillages on carpets are a fact of living, just like clothes need washing, carpets need cleaning too. How to remove carpet stains from carpets without damaging the carpet fibre or setting the stain is the ultimate goal, but knowing your carpet type and the type of spillage or stain is very important. The type of […]

Is your garden ready for summer?

Barbeque season is finally here! This is the time you head to the garden and ask yourself is your decking, patio, furniture and fence up to scratch and ready for summer? There is nothing worse than build ups of moss, lichen, algae and other growth contaminants. With decking and patios being exposed to damp weather, […]

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