Maintaining Stone Floors

A highly polished or a matt honed stone floor can be a thing of beauty, making sure it is kept looking at it’s best requires ongoing maintenance. In this short guide I’ll be talking about how to care for your stone floor correctly and get the best possible results.

  1. The use of a dry sweeper daily is necessary. This removes any harmful dust and grit that can potentially scratch or damage your floor.
  2. Use a neutral stone soap to clean your stone floor. Using a stone soap will care and protect your floor and prevent it from appearance deterioration.
  3. Use a microfibre mop or a synthetic mop head to mop your floor with stone soap. Allow to dry and dry buff the floor if required.
  4. Use a grout brush on the grouting to revive it periodically. Grouting tends to be the area where dirt can collect and look unsightly. Once the grout is clean you can seal it to prevent dirt ingress and make it easier to keep clean.
  5. Highly polished marble will require vitrification periodically to maintain the high gloss mirrored appearance. This is normally carried out by an experienced floor restoration tradesman and requires specific equipment, chemicals and machinery.
  6. Seal your stone floor. The use of an impregnating sealant is generally the best approach but beware some stone sealants are easier to apply than others. It is imperative the floor is clean before any sealants are applied.

My stone floor has stains! What can I do to remove them?

The use of a poultice will remove the majority of surface stains like coffee, tea, and rust. These are applied and left to draw out the staining from the stone. However, wine, fizzy drinks, and lemon juice all contain acids that can react with marble and other calcareous stone types. Once the stone is affected by acidic materials you should seek professional advice.

Natural stone floors require the correct maintenance to keep the appearance looking at their best at all times, the use of incorrect chemicals and equipment can have an adverse effect on the results achieved. The most harm can be done innocently using incorrect items from the list below.


  1. Scouring pad
  2. Highly acidic or alkaline cleaners (flash etc)
  3. Vacuum heads that can scratch the floor
  4. Steam mops can negatively affect stone

Please contact us if you have any further queries about maintaining stone floors, and any other cleaning or renovation related questions.

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