Which cleaner should I use on an Amtico floor?

Amtico flooring is world renowned as a quality floor covering and is a sizeable investment for any household or business. With that being the case, it should be looked after correctly to ensure longevity from the product. We are regularly asked by customers what product they should use to clean their Amtico flooring, we always advise that they use the approved Amtico Maintainer Cleaner to achieve the best possible results on a daily and periodic basis. These products will help you keep your Amtico flooring looking at it’s best for many years to come, if your Amtico has worn through lack of maintenance don’t worry, there are solutions using specialist PU sealers that will rejuvenate your Amtico flooring back to its original state.

If you maintain your Amtico properly it will reward you in the long term, Love your floor!

4 thoughts on “Which cleaner should I use on an Amtico floor?

  1. Monica says:

    Hello, I installed an Amtico floor in my kitchen 2 months ago. Due to the nature of the floor (very textured and quite a rough surface) the stains on the floor are very difficult to clean, I have to use a cloth (nylon cloth that is mildly abrasive but doesn’t scratch the floor) to get the stains off which is very tiring and time consuming! A mop with hot water just won’t do it. Would an amtico dressing make the floor shinier and therefore easier to clean? How often should I ‘dress’ the floor? Thank you!

    • floorcare-supplies says:

      The best process for you will be to dress the floor with amtico dressing, this will make it much easier to clean in the future on a daily basis. You will need to prepare the floor properly before you dress it, for this you’ll need to use amtico stripper to remove any surface contaminants, then rinse the floor thoroughly and allow to dry. Once dry apply 3 to 4 thin coats of amtico dressing with a flat mop applicator making sure you don’t miss any areas, the floor is ready for use after the last coat is dry, however don’t wear shoes for 24 hours. Hope this helps!

      • Carol Wolk says:

        I have found exactly the same problem. My amtico floor looks grubby because the dirt stays in the textured surface. I’m having to scrub the dirt out of the grooves taking care not to get the joins too wet – very very hard work and time consuming as we have it in our entire ground floor but the difference after scrubbing is incredible. I was beginning to really dislike my floor and I loved it when we chose it in 2017. It is certainly NOT low maintenance. It’ll take days to ‘dress’ it with several coats but I do hope it will remain cleaner.

        • floorcare-supplies says:

          If you use the doodle bug pads (blue) with the Amtico stripper to clean the floor, you’ll have a really clean floor. When coating with the dressing you should be able to get 4 thin coats on in a day, just make sure no-one walks on it whilst your doing it. You’ll then have a floor that is much easier to clean 🙂

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