How to remove scratches from a marble floor

The perception of natural stone flooring is that it is a hard wearing surface, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The Mohs scale of hardness dictates how tough the density of a stone material is and this, in turn, determines how hard wearing it is. Generally, a limestone floor is softer than a marble and will be prone to surface scratches more readily, a granite floor will withstand more wear and tear than most polished natural stone.

If your floor has light surface scratches, these can normally be polished out using a rotary floor machine and polishing powders. If your floor is heavily scratched or is suffering from a single deep scratch, it is normal to grind these scratches out and blend them back into the rest of the floor using polishing diamonds and powders. The grinding and polishing process should be
carried out by a professional stone restorer.


If you want to protect your floors from stains & scratching you can seal your floor with an appropriate impregnating sealant which will prevent staining and improve clean-ability, to protect from scratches make sure you sweep the floor using a dust sweeper, place felt pads under furniture legs and use stone soap to help keep the floor clean and protected.

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