Should I seal my Amtico Floor?

Amtico flooring is hard wearing and comes with a factory UV cured PU finish, however it is recognised that it will benefit from being topically sealed to prevent excess wear and scratching to the tile surface.

Amtico dressing is the recognised product to regularly apply to the surface, it will maintain the correct sheen level and prevent surface scratches appearing on the tile surface from general use. Once the Amtico dressing has started to wear after generally 6 months, it is common practice to strip and reseal the floor.

If you want a more long term sealing solution for your Amtico floor, a permanent PU sealant can be applied that will last in excess of 3 years. These won’t alter the appearance of the floor but will give greater longevity.

One thought on “Should I seal my Amtico Floor?

  1. Donna says:

    My Holland, Michigan flooring company that put down my Amtigo linoleum flooring has, unfortunately, gone out of business. My floor has a 25 year wear warranty and has held up very well with weekly washing and daily vacuuming in spite of our large Labrador and our rural location (we live on a sand plain!) This floor was put down approximately fifteen years ago. I do not believe anything was said about the need to seal it. However, I am considering sealing my linoleum in order to protect it and to encourage it to last as long as possible. Can you make a recommendation as to which product you would recommend and can I buy this product on-Line? Or is there another Amtigo flooring dealer in my SW Michigan area? Thank you.

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