How to seal a wood floor

Ok, so you’ve done the hard work on sanding your wood floor, if you haven’t done that yet you can read about how to do it properly here.

Once the sanding is complete, you are now in a position to apply the final finishes to seal your wood floor, I believe that this part of the job should be the pleasurable bit, take your time and get it right!

Wood Sanding

It is common knowledge for furniture/cabinet makers that you should always pre-soak the floor with water after sanding, this causes the wood fibres at the ends to stand out which can be cut off using a fine grade of sandpaper. Do this and let the floor dry off naturally for 2+hours.

Now that your floor is ready for sealing you will have probably chosen a finish that suits your needs, oils, hard wax oils, lacquer/varnish, stained or natural. If you are applying a wood oil make sure you use a full impregnation oil like Eukula 1FS, it will give you a very solid hard wearing finish that looks natural and Matt. Apply using a spatula or a short pile/mohair roller and leave for 30 minutes for the oil to fully impregnate, then after this time use a soft cloth to remove the excess and buff the floor.


Leave the floor for 4-6 hours to harden properly. If you want the benefit of a lacquered floor with the appearance of an oil, apply Eukula Perform or Eukula Extreme Matt after the floor has dried for 12 hours.

If you have chosen a hard wax oil, you will need to apply 2 coats. Using a short pile oil roller apply thin coats of the product evenly across the floor, wait 4-6 hours before applying the second coat. Leave to dry for 6+ hours before bringing back into use.

Water based lacquers are a better option than the oil based floor varnishes that are sold in DIY shops, they dry quicker and have much harder wear qualities. They come in different grades from acrylic based to full polyurethane in single or two component which is designed for sports halls and commercial environments. You should prime the floor using a suitable primer and a medium pile microfibre roller, these take roughly 40 minutes to dry so was your roller out and dry it ready for the applications of lacquer. Water based lacquers should be applied nice and thick and allowed to level out and dry, first coat your edges using a brush then roller the lacquer on blending it with the edges.


wood floor lacquering

The first coat of lacquer should take around 1 – 1.5 hours to dry ready for the application of the final coat. After the second coat of lacquer has dried the floor will be ok to walk on without shoes but allow the lacquer to harden for 24 hours which will be enough for light foot traffic. The lacquer will take 72+ hours to fully cure to its full hardness.

Good Luck!

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