Maintaining your wood floor with Eukula this Autumn

Maintaining your wood floor is key to keeping it looking refreshed and looking clean. With winter fast approaching it is an ideal time this autumn to apply oils, varnishes, stains and cleaners to keep your wooden floors looking their very best.

The Eukula Range is solvent free consisting of Lacquers, Primers, Fillers, Oils & Aftercare Products! As with the application of all finishes, standard house keeping rules apply. It is best to ensure you are using special applicators, rollers, trowels and t-bars with the best suited oils.

Here are a few tips regarding preparation and application of Eukula products:

Prior to application, applicators should have no contamination of any debris or dust from previous use as they will be transferred into the finish and effect the performance and appearance of the product.
Ensure area is well swept and vacuumed before applying products.
When applying lacquers it is best to apply 2-3 thin coats of lacquer rather than 1 thick coat to increase protection and performance.
Allow enough time for coats to dry as advised on product to ensure maximum effect.
Apply products at right angles of one another for maximum coverage.
Here is a short video demonstrating the application of Eukula Oils & Lye’s:

Take a look at this truly global brand that is recognised for its ultimate quality in wood finishing products which will leave your wood looking beautifully refreshed and enhanced. If you have any further questions or need assistance in finding the best suited product for then please contact us at:

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