How to remove carpet stains

Spillages on carpets are a fact of living, just like clothes need washing, carpets need cleaning too. How to remove carpet stains from carpets without damaging the carpet fibre or setting the stain is the ultimate goal, but knowing your carpet type and the type of spillage or stain is very important.

The type of carpet fibres can differ between manufacturers and carpet types i.e. broadloom, carpet tiles, axminster, micro tuft, looped and cut pile. The fibres can contain any of these materials; nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, wool, cotton or they may be a mix of a few. Each fibre type will absorb liquids and stains in a different way because of their density.

However, the use of a professional carpet spotter and a white absorbent towel will be the saviour for most everyday carpet stains. The supermarket carpet stain removers generally contain oxidising agents that can be more damaging than you may first realise, these stain removers can ‘set’ stains in the carpet fibres so they become permanent!!

So, how do I professionally remove carpet stains?

A professional method of blotting the affected area using a white terry towel and water first to test if a transfer of residue is evident is a great place to start. If the majority of the stain can be removed like this it will be kinder to your carpet, once you have reached ‘no transfer’ from carpet to towel, use some professional spot remover with the same methodology. Please remember that less is best, the more spot remover that you use does not mean it will clean any quicker. Other specialist spot and stain removers are available for specific marks like red wine, grease, curry, fizzy drinks and many more.

Tip: Soda Water is a great cheap emergency spillage remover!

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