Is your garden ready for summer?

Barbeque season is finally here! This is the time you head to the garden and ask yourself is your decking, patio, furniture and fence up to scratch and ready for summer? There is nothing worse than build ups of moss, lichen, algae and other growth contaminants. With decking and patios being exposed to damp weather, these can be prone to these growths which can age your decking, leaving it to look discoloured, unhealthy and worn. A quick and effective solution to eliminate these build ups of microbiological growth is with Shield Technologies Bio-Ex. Bio-Ex is a multi-purpose hard surface high performing cleaner that specialises in removing even the toughest of organic and microbiological growth contaminants from stone and wood surfaces.


Shield Technologies Bio-Ex is a light gel, ready to use and available to order online at: There are a variety of exterior wood finishes available for your garden fence, decking and wood furniture. It is important that wood is protected from being able to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions, ranging from freezing temperatures to wind, rain, hail and snow, especially with our unpredictable climate! Without protection, wood can deteriorate rapidly and can be difficult to restore, products such as Wood Defence by Shield Technology is excellent at providing protection from water penetration. Not only does this unique product protect from rain, hail or snow but also heat..It can last all year round! Once applied it will it will significantly reduce absorption of humidity and most importantly it will not have an impact on the surfaces finish, texture and aesthetics. This fantastic product you can find online at   Wood Defence  


patio decking


patio decking So give yourself peace of mind that no matter what the season or weather condition, the wood in your garden is protected. So what are you waiting for! Take advantage of the great weather and give your garden the attention it deserves so you can be proud of it this summer and be barbeque ready!

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