Cleaning Pesky Wood Furniture

Wood? Why is it so hard to clean

So at Floorcare-Supplies, we like to try the products before we pass them on to you. Sounds good right? We test it, put in the hard work and you use it, a sweet deal I think. Recently we’ve been trying to find an all round wood cleaner that’s not only good at what it’s supposed to do but efficient at it, we underestimated this and how hard it is to find a good cleaner. This time I think we’ve found it! With a few phone calls here and there, a few changes to a secret recipe and I think we are ready! Are you ready? Okay, lets unveil it…. Wood Cleanse. A brief explanation of what this product is, it is a micro biological exterminator! Sounds interesting, well it will destroy any form of biological growth material, anyway enough text lets show you some pictures.

Introducing the Deckchair

So we started off with this fabulous looking wooden deck chair. Now, unfortunately, this chair has been neglected!  But we thought lets see if we can clean it up, so we applied Wood Cleanse and left it for 5 minutes to break down the dirt, grime and organic growth. We were super impressed to say the least with the results.


Keep it Wet

So you basically let this stuff sit for 5 minutes and let it work its little magic, well I say little, this thing came up looking pretty darn good.

You simply agitate it give it a good scrub with a medium bristle brush, you’ll know it’s working because you’ll see the dirt and Bio material just falling off!

Elbow Grease

So yeah scrub it for a few minutes! I know you’re wishing that it could be applied and bam it’s gone? Well, this isn’t Cillit bang and we don’t make false promises, so it requires some scrubbing but it is worth it so stick with me! Once you’ve scrubbed it rinse it off with some fresh water, this is vital, this will remove the residue and biological material that has formed on the wood. Once that’s done let it sit until it dries! simple right? Okay, i’ll start the unveiling process of the finished area!


Big Release





The Results

So as you can see the results are quite the difference from a grey/green area to a beautiful tanned brown. I kid you not this stuff works on everything from decking and outside furniture to all wood materials! The results from this product speak for itself, it is a truly easy to use product that will provide satisfaction from extremely clean wood. We try to supply the best we can and I think we’ve found it, once you’ve cleaned your wood, we have an super performing impregnating sealer called Wood Defence that will keep it like this for years! What’s to lose? Well, not your decking furniture for sure!!

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